Senior Project Manager at Sigma Software

10+ years of experience in the field, specializing in Account Management, Product Management, Business Development, Project Management and IT Operations Management.

Тема доповіді: “Reaching a new level of client relationship: from just another outsourcing team to a trusted business partner”

All items listed below will be accompanied with real-live examples from real projects. The list is preliminary and might be adapted.

1) The Importance of Domain Knowledge. Understanding the Business Model of your client.
2) Loving and Caring for the Product you’re developing. Putting your name on all things you do. Educating your team about the Business Domain, the main KPIs. Developing the love for the product within your team.
3) Choosing the right communication approach with your client. Using correct language. Setting correct expectations.
4) Filling in for your Product Owner. Covering your PO’s week spots. Guiding your Product Owner. Teaching and Learning from your PO at the same time.
5) Taking Responsibility: “Do The Right Thing and Wait to Get Fired”
6) Participating in your Clients Sales Meetings & Meetings with the Client’s Clients Feeling the challenges your Client faces and feeling the real priorities of the end users.
7) Client’s don’t work with Companies. They work with PEOPLE. The importance of collaboration in real life. Building personal connection.
8) Developing Real Trust with the client. Thinking about how to maximize the Client’s ROI.
9) Suggesting and arranging mutually beneficial activities and events.