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Ivan has more than 13 years of continuous experience in the field of IT and more than 8 years in project management in other fields – software testing, project planning and business expansion. Ivan is always looking for new opportunities, constantly developing proposals for clients and further working on their development. He took an active part in the work of internal offices, including finance departments, personnel department and marketing. He has done the audit of CMMI, ISO, and provided training at SoftServe University. Now he is managing the BFSI Vertical department, which operates with many active accounts and is in the process of finding new ones. Also, Ivan is the author of the philosophy of leadership “Common Sense in Ukrainian” – an example of one topic you can read following this link: https://dou.ua/lenta/columns/leave-comfort-zone/ His book has just been published: https://www.facebook.com/CharityFundOpenEyes/videos/1550050498395543/?fref=mentions The subject of the workshop: Solving Business Cases in Harvard Style. Workshops: Dozens of real business cases where you can showcase your creativity and ingenuity. This workshop includes division in teams, discussion of situations in groups, presentation of solutions and the selection of the best among the best winners.

Subject of the report: Solving Business Cases in Harvard Style.

Abstracts of the report: What does it mean to run an IT outsourcing business? – Of course, you know, and we will not talk about it. PMI, Agile, stuffing, status, and metrics – nothing like that, you’re too smart to listen to these trivial things. Sell to customers through project leadership that is will hold your attention. How did the Project Manager role grow from PMI specialist up to business gurus? How to work with good and normal customers? How to sell a watermelon for 17 cents? And some more interesting things we will talk about. As a bonus Track Marketing of Your Person, but not like Azikhmud did. Be there to get incredible PM-tricks for your business.