Senior Project Manager, Namecheap

I started my career as a lecturer of Computer Science, then worked in outsourcing company, gradually raised to lead and then management position. Now I apply my broad practical experience in Project Management to help teams become more efficient and happy about their work, to improve relationship with the client, and grow projects gain. I am PMP and PRINCE2 Certified Practitioner, passionate about complicated goals, challenges, and teams development. I am sure, that “no matter how it looks at first, it’s always a people problem”.

Тема доповіді: “Ideas generation and decision making, or how to improve group dynamics”

Five people will usually generate more solutions to a difficult problem if they work together than if they work alone – is it true or false? Try to recollect your recent meeting, what techniques do you use if you need to generate as many ideas as possible? How do you build a decision making process in a small group? What group dynamics can affect it? Let’s talk about such group dynamics as production blocking, social loafing, conformity, groupthink, and ways of how to reduce their impact on outcomes of ideas generation and decision making.