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He worked on a different position in good and outsourcing companies for more than 9 years. He has extensive experience in Project Management. At the moment, he has been engaged in the Product Manager for more than 3 years. He believes that PM’s top goal is to gather a cool product team and help them to solve their problems on the way to a dream product! He develops Model N CPQ within the company Provektus in Odessa. He takes part in the organization of ProductTank Milestones and Silicon Drinkabout parties in his spare time.

Subject of the report: Stand-up talk: it’s a crazy Product Manager’s world.

We will talk about various aspects of Product Manager’s work on the product and with the team:

  • team communication with the Development Heroes;
  • night runners from the dedicated Support team;
  • team pitching with I’ll sell you everything;
  • philosophical moments with Marketing guys;
  • and more that you will learn about on the 10th on PM Stand-up talk.